Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) in Nepal

As new technology and market forces make the worldwide economy profoundly competitive, ventures demands extraordinary insights, innovative tools and effective responses. A drastic change has been seen in the global economy due to this factor and this might be the right time for organizing a conference so that everyone can come, learn, share, network and learn from progress and become better in what they do. King’s College, is organizing the first International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) in Nepal in collaboration with Biruwa Ventures and Change Fusion on September 25-26, 2015. It will focus on innovative areas of social entrepreneurship including social venture capital, International entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial culture, SME development, technological entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education and sustainable development and many others. Such conference can benefit academicians, entrepreneurs, and corporate houses, multilateral and bilateral partners from all over the world. This conference is going to be very useful as to the present context of the fast growing technology and global economic change. It might have discussions regarding the steps that can be taken to move with the change and adapt with the surrounding conditions as to uplift in those conditions as well. It intends to bring together researchers, scholars, academicians, practitioners and experts from all over the world to present their studies and practices in the field of Social Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is something that needs to be learnt and brought into practice. It might need experience as well as skills as to how to tackle the problems that can arise in the long run. The conference shall be held for 2 days and will be spread over among the ration of having one third of practitioners, one third of academicians and one third of impact organizations. First day will be about: Interested academicians, entrepreneurs, experts, researchers and practitioners from corporate houses, multilateral and bilateral partners from all over the world   present on areas related to –

  • Relief and Reconstruction Models
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness
  • International Entrepreneurship and
  • New Global Social Ventures
  • Corporate and Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture
  • Capital – Seed funding Models
  • Women, Gender and Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable
  • Social Business Success
  • Entrepreneurship Education and Economic Development
  • SME Development and Community Engagement
  • Technological Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Whereas Second day will be about showcase of product and services