Cyber Security International, Nepal will provide Nepal government, private sectors, parents, students, staffs, financial institutions and businesses the understanding and the knowledge of all the threats and vulnerabilities from cyber terrorism for conducting their day to day operations in digital world.


  1. Revealing of official logo for the campaign
  2. Presentation by Mr. Bikram Khadka on Ethical Hacking.
  3. Presentation by Mr. Bikash Neupane on Social Media Awareness.
  4. Presentation by Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari on Network Security.
  5. Conceptual groundwork on Cyber Security Initiative by Dr. Ramhari Subedi.
  6. Proposal for delivery of training during the awareness seminar.


The meeting commenced with the revealing of the official logo for Cyber Security Initiative by Mr. Bikram Khadka. He described the various aspects of logo and meaning of use of various signs used in the logo.

Mr. Khadka then moved ahead with his presentation on Ethical Hacking. Using various real life examples and illustrations he gave valuable and useful insights about the various aspects of hacking. The presentation he delivered was quite informative and useful for people seeking to know about ethical hacking.

Mr. Bikash Neupane gave a short presentation Social Media Awareness. He gave an overview about the overall social media in the global context, with some advantages and disadvantages of it. He further provided some interesting facts and figures related to social media, which quite fun and knowledgeable to read. Mr. Neupane then presented basic security measures to be adopted in social media; mainly in Facebook and gave some valuable suggestions of avoiding various crimes in social media.

Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari delivered a short presentation on Computer Basics. He presented about some useful and common aspects of a computer but that are easily neglected by a common person. Features like hard drive partition, WI-FI security, folder encryption etc. were explained in his presentation.

Dr. Ramhari Subedi, gave his view on developing a framework for cyber security in Nepal. He also proposed a common presentation for every trainer, having a few excerpts from their respective individual presentations. He proposed to make all the presentations more interesting by including more facts and figures, and new aspects of IT which can be helpful for the audience. He also urged other fellow presenters to make their sessions more practical than descriptive to which everyone duly agreed.

Date: 27th May 2016

Time: 18.00 PM local time

Location: Kantipur City College, Putalisadak

Chaired By: Dr. Ramhari Subedi