On June 29 2016, Clock b Business Innovations is introducing the Most Strategically Correct and Innovative Networking Event Ever in Nepal, “Business Networking Hours”, tailored to serve as a platform to celebrate industry, people and most importantly, togetherness. The event is primarily designed as a platform from where we can learn from people across industries, create new networks, vow to support each other and collectively exterminate this new behemoth market crisis. Business Networking Hours is a platform in which the hours of the day is crafted so as to enable the attendees to promote themselves or their business, ask queries, meet the people and start working together.
The event includes unprecedented important event sessions such as:
• Business Card Display Zone: The market is fragile and with number of competitors growing beyond imagination, it is now time for businesses to display their existence and make their presence felt in the market. Business Card Display Zone is a special exhibit session to showcase your business cards and introduce your business to the market. Business Card still to date remains one of the strongest tools to start a business relation.

• Restless 60: It is an updated speed networking version of Clock b Business Innovations where business and professionals would meet alike-minded and/or startling people representing different industrial background, in speed. Whether it is yourself or your business you want to introduce, work on forming an alliance or promote your offerings, this session is uniquely important for getting the unprecedented value out of this networking event.

• Online Thread Mentoring: Introverts or extroverts we all have our queries. Online thread mentoring is another crafted session where everyone could ask the mentors their cunning question, straight from their smart-phones, laptop or tablet. Questions about marketing, investment or business, you ask it, the mentors would answer it.

• Pre-assigned Meeting: This event also has a customized networking session, pre-assigned networking, a session designed with an idea to connect you to the ones invaluable for your business. If you are searching for a vendor, marketer, investor or potential partners, this session is customization according to the attendee’s requirement.

• 1 Business 1 Promotion: This is another innovative and fresh concept with an idea to introduce one business with an interesting theme to the market. As this session would be aired live on YouTube, the promoted business would have a never before available platform to showcase their business. With a targeted wide audience viewing of the session, both audience and the business would have a startling business idea known and be known.