DARAZ New Brand

20th January 2022, Kathmandu

South Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, Daraz unveiled its new brand look – building on a successful 2021 of significant progress and the launch of many new initiatives.

Bjarke Mikkelsen, Founder, and CEO of Daraz Group said today’s launch of the refreshed brand marks an exciting step forward for the business.

“Daraz has grown so much over the past seven years and as we move into the next chapter of our journey, now is the right time for us to evolve the brand to showcase how we are shifting gears as a business to drive a significantly enhanced customer experience.

“The new look and feel of the refreshed brand still represent the elements that have always been part of our DNA – progress, innovation, exploration, and discovery. At the same time, it signifies a shift to a personal experience that will allow us to create greater connectivity with both buyers and sellers on our platform,” said Mr. Mikkelsen.

One of the main drivers of the refreshed brand is Daraz’s ambition to make e-commerce a key part of people’s daily lives across its five markets in South Asia – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar.

“We recognize that to achieve this ambition we need to create more personal experiences, ensure that we deliver quality products and services at each step of the customer journey, and create new avenues of entertainment and engagement for our customers. This brand refresh will play a key role in helping us elevate and evolve our offering across these crucial areas,” added Mr. Mikkelsen.

A noticeable change from the refreshed look is the new icon, which represents a package that is symbolic of how the e-commerce platform physically connects SME sellers to customers. At the center of the icon is an arrow that highlights the focus on progress and fast deliveries, but also resembles a “play button” symbolizing how Daraz is continually innovating to create a more dynamic content experience for users.

As part of the brand refresh, Daraz is also consolidating all of its brands under the overall Daraz umbrella brand to simplify the experience for customers. Daraz has also launched a new website, Daraz.com, that showcases the new brand and gives people a better understanding of who Daraz is and what it stands for.


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