GDG-Biratnagar along with CAN-Morang which hosted first ever google event “Google I/O 2016 Extended” was grand success. For the wonder competition of the program GDG-Biratnagar would like to express the gratitude towards all the involved people and organization. They thank their GDG-Kathmandu and GDG-Birjung community for proving us the back-end support and wonderful Google I/O T shirt. They would also like to thank CAN-Morang and Lumbini Net for all the support provided. They also would like to thank “Redroof Kitchen” which supported their by proving them the wonderful venue, Thanks to their biratnagar team for providing the media coverage.

google group biratnagarbiratnagar google group

They also would like to thank all the participants who manged there time for the event to make it huge success.

Nirmal Sir, Sujit Sir, Suresh ,Dipesh and all others deserves a round applause from all the members of community for their awesome individual support.

GDG-Biratnagar will be conducting more programs in the near future as well. Your support and guidance will always be appreciated.