Nepalese mobile phone users have a widespread, yet unanswered question of how to view the full call detail record of the mobile number they are using. Both NTC and Ncell users find it troublesome to view their entire call history, so we are here with the procedures to see the call record for both NTC and Ncell mobile numbers. Users can also view the calls, SMS, and data usage details by this method.

In the case of the scenario where a user deletes the call records on their mobile phone, this method can be used to view the incoming and outgoing numbers call records. This method also allows the user to find the number of SMS text to or from other users. Regularly reviewing your call history is a great way to check of the uneven balance deduction in case of high mobile usage.

For Ncell Users:

The records for calls made or received can be viewed on the company’s mobile app. A detailed procedure is mentioned below:

  • Install the Ncell app from the Play store and open the application.
  • Click on the menu, “Call history available below.”
    • You can find it in the list under account and services.
  • Select the date interval for which you can want to view your call details.
  • After you choose the option to view the history, a unique PIN will be provided for your mobile number.
  • Enter the PIN in the mentioned box, and then you will get the detail record for Call/SMS and data.
    • Both incoming and outgoing calls/SMS and data usage with the cost of the services will be shown.

For NTC Users:

Nepal Telecom has recently added a similar feature in its mobile application. A stepwise guide to view the history on your NTC mobile number is presented below:

  • Install the Nepal Telecom app from the Play store and open the application.
  • Find the Usage History option within the app.
    • You can select Voice, SMS, and Data history within that menu.
  • Select the no. of days you want to view the usage history.
    • Currently, a maximum of 5 days of history can be viewed on the NTC app.
  • Then a Verification code/OTP will be sent to your mobile phone. Enter the OTP in the recently available text box.
  • You will be presented with your call details, SMS history and data usage on separate tabs


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