Interview with CEO/Co-Founder of Urban Girl, Ms. Nikita Acharya

Image: Glocal Khabar

Normally in a country like Nepal, it is still so hard to found a female entrepreneur grabbing a much of success. Finally, here is someone that can be an inspiration to thousands of girls who are aiming to become entrepreneur.

 ICT frame features the story behind the success of Nikita Shrestha CEO/Co-Founder of Urban Girl.

How did you get an inspiration to start Urban Girl?

I used to be very amazed whenever I looked at the foreign online store, a single click, and goods in your hand. There was no any proper online store in Nepal when I used to look at those online stores. When I discerned that there is no proper availability of online stores in Nepal I got an inspiration to launch Urban Girl (UG).

How tough was it to run an online shopping?

Indeed it was a very tough job at the beginning. We faced great challenges to create a market for online shopping as there was no any good market for it. Still we are trying to grow the market.   

Why are people reluctant for online shopping?

First of all it is a very new thing in the market and people are inconvenient to adapt it.  People do not want to change traditional market because in Nepal there are still so many people who do not believe on business that operates through computers and internet. Lack of trust towards the product is one of the major reasons for not buying goodies from online platform.  

How did the idea of selling cake through online stroked in your mind?

Many of our customers from foreign land were sending gifts marking different occasions to their friends and relatives. We analyzed and thought about different kinds of presents that can be best for any kinds of occasion. In the process, we found a cake as the best option for any kind of ceremony. We asked our customers regarding the idea of cake, everyone showed a positive response and then we tied up with local bakeries and started operation cake.

Would you like to say anything for the youth?

Youths have been doing immensely good job regarding startup and entrepreneurship. Youths should be actively engaged in enhancing and exploring their skill because the land of Nepal has got a huge amount of opportunity.

About UG Bazaar

 UG Bazaar an online marketing store was established in December 2012 with a vision to revolutionize online shopping in Nepal. Till date the store has served over 6000 customers.   


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