Mr.Thorsten Neumann (German). Thorsten is co-founder and chief technical officer at SmartPesa, an entrepreneur and experienced emerging markets technologist. Thorsten has a degree in B.Sc Hons in Computer Science (RAU) with Financial Orientation (RAU), and Master from the University of Pretoria (UP).

Thorsten’s strengths are in solution architecture, software engineering and financial systems. His skills contributed greatly the success of the South African startup, Global Trader who provided online real-time equity swap (CFD) and futures derivatives (Spreads) trading services. He also spent time in Russia, South East Asia and held a senior position at a listed Canadian gold miner operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

His background is to bring technology to emerging markets, solving the connectivity and remote access challenges, and focusing on value creation; primarily through knowledge sharing in the less developed markets. These revolve around providing financial solutions to enable broader access to financial services. In this recent venture, the shift has been to payments, chip-and-pin, real-time transactions and value creation through lowest-common denominator technologies.

Thorsten has previously presented at international conferences in South Africa, United States, Greece, Poland and Indonesia on technology and transacting solutions.