Majority voted ‘No’ in the upgraded version of Messenger

On Tuesday, Facebook Messenger appeared entirely in a new look. The company launched the updated version of messenger on Tuesday which was filled up with drastic changes.

During the F8 developer conference of Facebook in May, it pledges to simplify the experience by detaching unwanted elements and putting emphasis on the most significant features. The tech giant also informed to add a dark mode on its messaging platform. Since the updated version has already rolled out widely, it’s time to check whether Facebook fulfilled those promises. While going through all the features of the new messenger, the dark mode is not found anywhere.

 The new messenger consists of three tabs instead of nine- your chats, both one to one and groups are front and center in the chat tabs. Messenger 4 includes visual communication feature such as Camera at the top which will easily allow you to capture the moment and share your selfies. Tapping in a People tab of Messenger 4 will let you find your friends, catch up on people’s stories and view everybody who is active right now. If you surf through the Discover tab, you can connect with businesses and know about the recent and trending deals, play instant games, book your next vacation, follow the news and among others.

The new version of Messenger is not getting good responses in the social media. A large number of people are passing lousy review on the updated version of the messenger; peoples reaction are not so good and satisfied.

Most of the users have complained that the new version of messenger is inconvenient to use and it is not- user-friendly.

Bharat Marley Poudel Student at Kathmandu based St. Xavier’s International College said “I didn’t found it interesting, the earlier version of Messenger was much more comfortable and better to use, but the updated version doesn’t seem to be good. I didn’t expect such kinds of work from Facebook; it’s better if they again turned back to the previous version which was very user-friendly.

Similarly, Bibek Dhungel who is doing Bachelors in Information and Technology at Padmashree College, Kathmandu also showed disappointment towards the new version of Messenger. “Being a student of IT I too found the upgraded version of Messenger difficult to use. It doesn’t include any features that make the users happy and convenient while using the app,” stated Dhungel. Facebook should immediately make improvements, added Dhungel.

Here are some of the posts spotted in social media following the upgradation of the Facebook messenger.

In an Instagram Poll, Majority of people clicked on ‘No’ for the question that reads “Did you liked the updated version of Messenger?”

Reporting by Prasun Sangroula 


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