Reliza Shrestha,22, charming, graceful, very revolutionary, intellectual, out spoken yet lovely and an important face of Vootoo entertainment making good balance between her bachelor studies and her modelling career who also shares an immense passion for singing.

 Let’s know her with a little zoom in…Enjoy the talks!!



How do you define yourself?

  • (Sighs) Summing up in one sentence, I would like to define myself as an easy going, yet a passionate and a dedicated person for the work that I do.

How were you discovered?

  • That was interesting (laughs) Well, I did a test shoot with one of the most amazing photographers in Nepal, Sworup Ranjit. It turned out nice, henceforth I got featured in Navyataa and later also as the cover girl. That’s how I go a breakthrough.


How do you feel on the runway? Or you prioritize photoshoots?

  • On runways, I feel pumped up and nervous at the same time. Both the runway and the photoshoots hold their own values in my area of interest. (smiles)


What’s one of the most interesting shoots you have done so far?

  • Well I feel priveleged enough to work with many dignified photographers but the most interesting one I had to pick one then it would be the one of Disney princess series photographed by Junu Gurung, where I played the Snow White.(smiles)


Do you have a skin care routine?

  • I make it very basic. It is the basic cleansing, moisturizing and applying generous amount of sun block that I do for my skin. I can swear by coconut oil as a brilliant night moisturizer.


Biggest luxury?

  • I have my own imaginary world for that (laughs) My biggest luxury would be to break the sweat throughout the weekdays, and go watch the sunset with a chilled bottle of beer or coconut water(hehe) in the weekend.


How do you stay in shape?

  • I feel blessed to have a thin body without much maintenance and its helping me a lot to sustain in my field. I have no particular food routine to stay in shape, but I do watch what I eat when my body starts telling me that I have been eating unhealthy a lot. However, I do a moderate circuit training thrice a week. (smiles)


How would you define your personal style?

  • In few words, I would define my personal style as simple and progressive with a bit of jazz.


Style icon?

  • My style icons are: Jessica Stroup, Scarlett Johansson, Jacqueline Fernandez, Gillian Zinser.


Anything caught your eye for upcoming season?

  • Not particularly, but I make sure that I have a few favorite band printed tees with me.


Best advice you have ever received?

  • The best one would be “Never ever compromise with your own values.”


What do you do in your downtime?

  • I read or play guitar or just dance in my down time.


You are an important face of Vootoo entertainment, how does that feel?

  • I feel more than honored to be a part of Vootoo, not just it is a great platform and a learning opportunity for me as well as all the other models, but also all of us are like a family. Our supervisors have always believed in me, and I want to thank them all.


Any advice you would like to give to young and aspiring models?

  • Just a simple advice “Never be scared to dream big”

By Pragati Amatya (Novia)