Easy Network Solution doesn’t need to tell you how important your website is to your brand, your customer experience, and your ability to interact with your target audience. You’re running a successful company with a great product offering but let’s are honest (and still are friends) – your website is in dire need of an update. It’s not about your website looking cool – it needs to look on-brand, work smoothly, allow users to easily find what they’re looking for and do what you want them to do. It needs to load quickly, be search-engine friendly, simple for your team to update, and responsive to whatever kind of device users are viewing from. You need a blog that gives you a voice to position yourselves as leaders in your industry and engage with your target audience.

At Easy Network Solution can make this all happen with more gain than pain. Easy Network Solution will transform your site from being a cumbersome, persnickety afterthought to being one of the most valuable members of your team.

If you give the opportunity to provide you with a quotation for the search engine campaign proposed by me for your website as per your request.

Our service is a long-term solution to get your site rank high through organic search results as opposed to pay per click advertising. We are sending you the overall information of how Easy Network Solution will be able to provide you with pro-active SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Maintenance, Website CMS (Content Management System) Maintenance and SMO (Social Media Optimization) advice and regular SEO campaign reports. Here, Easy Network Solution will discuss the existing search engine compatibility issues of any kind of website in great detail.

Easy Network Solution providing you with get instant results to rise in the highly competitive market within your niche. I will also help you to increase your visibility in all the major search engines by improving keyword rankings, Update New Things (Article, News, Photo/ Video Gallery) and boosting your real time website traffic with lots of back links which are always done through White Hat SEO techniques.

My pre-designed SEO packages give you an idea of the action plan suitable for your business. Easy Network Solution will customize my services according to your SEO as well as Website requirements.

My comprehensive SEO strategies comprise of On-Page and Off-Page optimization. We also give importance to any suggestions regarding the content, layout formatting, navigation requirements and overall structuring of the website given by the client.

 Easy Network Solution has satisfied various clients across the globe and we have been appreciated by utilizing our prompt website ranking strategies, instant yet successful results and unmatched determination to go beyond the client’s expectations.

Should you have any questions, please let us know. Most of your questions should be answered within this offer but don’t hesitate to find out more such as client testimonials and references.

About costing, basically I charge the 350$ for 3 months and 650$ for 6 months and the price include only for SEO. But we already have had more and more conversation and Easy Network Solution would really love to work in your team so we are offering you the reliable price which comes $1000 for 1 year and it’ll be contract bases.

Cost Includes:

  1. Web Maintenance
  2. CMS Maintenance
  3. Web Layout and Frame Change (If Indeed)
  4. SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  5. Back Link Building
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Social Media Update
  8. News Update on Site and Other’s Popular National Paper
  9. Web Analytics and Generate the Report
  10. 365/24*7 Support

To improve the search engine visibility of your website, we will look forward to hear from you when you’ve time after reading our proposal.