TBC IT Club  are making an App V-Hub i.e volunteering hub Which links you and volunteering organization for the cause you want to engage. And we are in re-search phase please help us by filling this online form .

V-Hub Survey

V-Hub is a mobile application that connects people to INGOs , NGOs and local volunteering organizations.
Do you think that there are enough volunteering opportunities in Nepal *
Do you feel that you can easily find out about volunteering opportunities in Nepal? *
Did you ever want to volunteer but could not due to the lack of volunteering opportunities ? *
Would you volunteer given the chance and opportunity ? *
Did you ever want to start an initiative for social good but couldn’t due to the lack of volunteers ? *
Would it be easier if you could find all the volunteering opportunities in one place and you could choose through them ? *
Would you use an app that could provide you information about the different volunteering opportunities in Nepal and additionally , could also allow you to start your own cause and look for volunteers ? *
What features would you expect in such an app ?
Please give us your opinion on how we can make the app better.
To fill the form, please share the link below.