Basic description for how to sign word document using a certificate-based digital ID to allow others to sign using a certificate in Microsoft Office Word 2007,2010,2013.

Document Signing for Microsoft Office 2007(Microsoft Office Word)

1.1 Pre-requisites

  1. Token driver is installed.
  2. Certificate is enrolled inside token.
  3. Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

User guide to digitally sign Microsoft word 2007 document

  1. Plug in token. Open Microsoft Word 2007.
  2. Click the Insert toolbar and select Signature Line
  3. This prompt will appear. Click OK.
  4. Signature Setup box appears. Fill the signature setup box and click OK
  5. Place your curser where you want your signature to be displayed.
  6. Now Double Click on Signature Pane. The prompt will appear. Click OK
  7. If you did not save the documents, the message box will appear.
  8. Click Yes to save it, and restart the process again
  9. When Sign box appears, Type your name below or click Select Image to select a picture as  your signature.
  10. Click Change. Windows security box appears then confirm certificate and click OK.
  11. Click Sign button as shown in figure:
  12. A message box prompts you to key in your User PIN. This window appears, finally the document is signed.
  13. You will see the certificate icon at the bottom page.
  14. Upon clicking it, it will open the Signature pane.
  15. For the Multiple Signing repeat the same process.
  16. Place your curser where you want your signature to be displayed.

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