Kathmandu the capital of our country has all the facilities and platform for career development in IT . Probably every day seminar and workshop are being held in Kathmandu.

Question to ask ourselves:
1.Why seminar are always being held in Kathmandu? Why centralization in Kathmandu?
2.Should I go Kathmandu to attend seminar and workshop ?
3.Is there any way we could organize such seminar and workshop in Butwal?

And answer of all these Question is Unity.We all need to help each other to develop career in IT field. In Butwal we lack qualified IT professionals and proper platform to develop our career. Seminars and workshop plays important role in developing our knowledge and career .With collaboration and unity among us, we may be able to organize such seminars and workshop in Butwal too. This facebook group, Butwal Information Technology Students (BITS) aims to unite everyone which make ease in organizing such events in Butwal by hiring top IT professionals and IT expert from Nepal .You may share your knowledge and post your question here, we hope IT expert in this group will try their best to answer your questions. Every IT students , IT professional and IT expert or anyone interested in Technology can join this group and may invite their friends to join this group.

Suggestions are sent to this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ButwaITS