Common types of Cyber Crimes in Nepal

Cyber Crime includes illegal activities using computer or different other devices like mobile phones that are connected to a network. The numbers of Cyber Crimes has been increasing every year. The most common types of Cyber Crimes in Nepal are:

  • Phishing: Obtaining sensitive information of user by through websites by designing a website that mimics the original website and grabbing user information through it.
  • Online Harassment: Sending offensive contents or threats using different social networking sites like Facebook, email, instant message etc.
  • Website Hacking: Modifying or deleting contents of others website by taking control of it. It may include accessing website database, writing offensive contents on website and modifying features of the website.
  • Illegal materials: Online trade of restricted materials, pirated movies, songs, porno contents etc. are also common.
  • Identity Theft:Using someone else’s identity for bad purposes. For example accessing someone’s credit card information or bank information and making purchases in their name.

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