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ICT Frame is an online magazine belonging to the information and communication technology. It is located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. ICT Frame provides two versions of the magazine. One is native language, and other is an international language. Similarly, it gives the platform for Nepalese youths who have a passion for the ICT (Information Communication & Technology). ICT Frame also optimizes their skills to confront current issues in Nepal. It wants to set up all the Nepali talents IT professional under a single umbrella.

ICT Frame and its Services

ICT Frame provides all the latest news, events, and job happening in the world. Likewise, it also provides the daily updates on the facts, interviews, appointments, gadgets as well as security. Similarly, it provides viewers with the current advancement in the IT field and the challenges the new generation have to face in IT field. For this reason, ICT Frame is one of the active management of IT. Furthermore, it has also introduced people to a topic of discussion about the field itself. So, ICT frame is one of the largest e-newsletter and technology news publishers in the country. ICT frame serves the user with the exact business requirements and promotions.

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We provide excellent services. It enables the clients to increase their business. It also helps in reaching sales targets easily.

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We integrate various advertising strategies by maximizing the use of business tools. We will create a proposal suited to meet the advertiser specific needs efficiently.

  1. Reliability

ICT frame is one of the trusted online magazines of Nepal. It is very reliable and accurate. We have been delivering quality news, interviews, events, gadgets and many more.

  1. Audiences

ICT frame provides all the latest trending news on the ICT field. It has a broader audience that no one else delivers in Nepal.

  1. Consistent

For the advertisement to be firm consistency plays a vital part.  After going through the effort of making a great ad, it is essential that it be seen over and over so that reader remembers you.