2nd Nepal Internet Governance Forum kicks Off In The Capital City

Nepal Internet Governance Forum 2018 begins from Friday, November 2 at Hotel Himalaya, Kupondol. The event will conclude on Saturday, November 3. Participants from different backgrounds showed their presence in the program.  Delegates from various government bodies, organizations, associations, and agencies have been involved in IG discussion.

“Making internet accessible, affordable and safe” is the tagline for Nepal IGF 2018.

2nd Nepal Internet Governance Forum kicks off Friday

On the first day of an event it had a session for a panel discussion regarding various topics that includes infrastructure of the internet and its access, a leap towards cybersecurity, participation of Nepalese youth in the regional and global IG platforms, smart Palika transforming into digital governance, safer internet for children and young people and cybersecurity alliance for cybersecurity resilience.

“The access of broadband will reach in every hospital and schools of rural areas within coming two years,” informed a representative from Nepal Tele Communications.

Similarly, the representative from Facebook- the most extensive social media network stated very soon Nepal would be facilitated with ‘Express WI-FI,’ it is a connectivity service by Facebook under internet.org. It provides access to the internet by the use of public WI-FI hotspot which is economical in cost, high bandwidth, as per Facebook.

“Nepal is extremely in risk of cyber attacks, from last two years the incidents of cyber attacks has escalated massively. We must proceed towards effective ways to ensure cyber safety”, said Ragu Nath Bhandari, CEO at Swift Technology.

“Institutions should focus on the awareness campaign for both clients and employs to overcome the cyber attacks. As per the reports Nepal is in the sharp target of hacktivist, hackers like to experiment in a developing country like Nepal”, said Srijan K. Malla, CTO at Siddhartha Bank.

“Investments for recruiting advance technologies is the major challenges for all the institution, due to this organization are unable to detect cyber threats or attacks,” said Neelesh Man Singh Pradhan, CEO at Nepal Clearing House Ltd (NCHL). Similarly, another challenge mentioned by Pradhan is Institutions lack behind for the proper collaboration with cyber experts.

The day 2 of the event will have the panel discussion on the following issues:

  • Access and the digital economy
  • Making (IGF) internet governance spaces inclusive for women and queer individuals
  • Using the internet for empowerment
  • What is happening in the digital signature?
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) on making internet accessible, affordable and safe (merged with WS-17)
  • AI and future issues in Nepal
  • Secured IoT infrastructure for smart cities of Nepal
  • Fake news and social media
  • Multi-stakeholder model of internet governance forum and concerns of developing countries
  • Emerging Tech solutions for disaster management and development
  • Creating the persona and creating safe space
  • Inclusive ICT for persons with disability
  • Connecting the next billion through the promotion of e-commerce in Nepal
  • Analyzed of proposed information and technology Beil
  • How art can be used to address online GBV and explore
  • Blockchain


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