Customer Passes Bad Review On Daraz 11:11 Sale Day

Nepal's Biggest Online Sale Day

On November 11, Sunday, Nepali e-commerce site Daraz celebrated ’11:11 Sale Day’ for 24 hours. Reportedly, marking the sale day, the company claimed to provide a discount of up to 80 percent in various items. Meanwhile, some of the customers passed a lousy review of Daraz’s sale day; they felt like the online store deceived them. Customers complained though it was a sale day Daraz sold the products even in the high prices than of earlier days. The sale day of Daraz which includes various offers and discounts was worthless, added the customers.

The sale day which was launched to attract Nepali customers towards e-commerce got a lousy review on Social Media. It was found that some of the items were sold at a higher price than in other e-commerce sites.

Numbers of Facebook post and Tweets have criticized Daraz’s Sale Day, some of the posts have mentioned the sale day as a medium to deceive the customers. Various people have been commenting on this issue.

While the world is transforming into the age of digitalization and cashless transaction the situation in Nepal is not good at all. People in Nepal still do not believe in online things, their attitude towards online shopping store is very negative. Again, a considerable number of people in Nepal takes online shopping store as a means to deceive consumers.

 Though Daraz is known as one of the leading online shopping stores of the entire nation, it couldn’t satisfy the costumes. The bad review gained by Daraz didn’t only lose the trust of customers but also de-motivated other existing online stores and a person who wants to do something in the world of online shopping.

Earlier Daraz was associated with Rocket Internet and hosted Black Friday sale and this year by being associated with Alibaba the company hosted 11:11 Sale Day. Daraz comprises more than 75 thousand `items, informed the company. Along with Nepal 11:11 Sale Day was also hosted in other countries that includes Sri-Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.


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