30th November 2021, Kathmandu

A free workshop is being organized, so be a participant. Distance education will organize a five-day workshop on robots and drones.

As robots and drones in various works have increased recently, distance education plans to organize workshops to get them accustomed to modern technology.

This free workshop will be held for 5 days from 14th November. There will be 45 participants in this workshop. Distance education has stated that this workshop will be conducted with practice.

According to Distance Education, the workshop will provide robots and drones and teach participants how to make robots and drones.

The organizers hope that this program will provide a lot of information about modern technology to the youth.

If you also want to participate in this workshop, you can call 9801090638, 014258003 and register your name.

Distance Education Network is an IT training provider. Located in Jamal, Kathmandu, experienced teachers have provided various training pieces by keeping in view the students’ interests, needs, and conveniences.

For more details: Click Here.


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