ICT For Good Governance‎, Electronic Transaction Rules 2064

Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) has been issued to inform all that on December 2, 2015, Honorable President Mrs. Bidhya Devi Bhandari inaugurated the official program of launching Digital Signature.

Electronic Transaction Act 2063 and Electronic Transaction Rules 2064 has been implemented in Nepal for the security of e-business and e-governance through the use of Digital Signature Certificate. The purpose of the digital signature certificate is to make transactions paperless, replacing paper signature with a digital name which provides the security and authentication of document and information. Digital Signature will be beneficial to conduct day to day business transaction of government as well as private business sectors including citizens of Nepal.

The Digital Signature has been welcomed as a better step for e-transactions in Nepal. It is the ultimate solution for undertaking e-transaction, and it’s reliability and security which legally prevents from the duplication of documents as well as denial of senders.

With technical assistance from International Finance Corporation (IFC), Office of Controller of Certificate (OCC) worked for an extended period researching on the implementation of Digital Signature in Nepal. OCC has authorized Radiant InfoTech as the Certifying Authority, for issuing Digital Signature. I believe that, with the application of Digital Signature, transactions related to Online Applications, E-Banking, E-Payment as well as E-Governance will be legitimized, secure and trustworthy.