Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training Nepal

26th May 2023, Kathmandu

A one-day cyber security training of Kaspersky Company has been completed today in Kathmandu Nepal.

Kaspersky cyber security training has been given with the aim of reducing cyber security risks that are increasing in the world.

Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training in Nepal organized by One Cover Pvt Ltd In association with Texas International College in Kathmandu, One Cover Managing Director Chiranjibi Adhikari, Chief Technical Officer Bishnu Ayer, Sagar Group’s Bilakshan Shrestha gave training to the participant’s.

Kaspersky Nepal LeaderManaging Director of One Cover Pvt. Ltd. Chiranjibi Adhikari Presenting the cybersecurity situation in Nepal can help raise awareness about the challenges and potential risks that individuals, organizations, and the country as a whole face in the digital landscape.

Technical Head of Kaspersky NepalKaspersky Technical Head of One Cover Pvt. Ltd. Bishnu Ayer highlighted the vulnerabilities within Nepal’s cybersecurity infrastructure and the need for stronger measures to protect sensitive customer information. It also underscored the importance of implementing robust security practices and regularly updating systems to defend against potential cyber threats.

kaspersky training nepalSagar Infosys Business Head of Kaspersky Nepal Bilakshan Shrestha Discuss Kaspersky’s solutions to enable businesses to efficiently manage security policies, and updates, and monitor security incidents. He also highlights user-friendly interfaces and customizable dashboards for enhanced visibility and control.

One Cover Private Limited is a well-known cybersecurity company that offers various training programs to enhance knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity.

Remember to stay updated with the latest cybersecurity trends and technologies, as the landscape is constantly evolving. Continuing to learn and adapt will help you stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure the security of your systems and data.

kaspersky security training nepalFor the first time, Kaspersky has provided cyber security training in Nepal. The program was coordinated by Texas College IT Department Head Omkar Basnet.

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