Market Share of NTC Increases: Expanding 4G Services Nationwide

Nepal Telecom expands 4G across 32 districts

25 February 2020, Kathmandu 

While Nepal Telecom is expanding 4G services across the country, its market share is also expanding. According to the latest data released by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, NTC has seen a rise in the market although the other telecommunication service providers in Nepal haven’t seen the same growth.

According to the Authority’s Management Information System report, telecom showed a growth of 55.6 percent this year, up from 52 percent in the previous year. There has been intense competition in Nepal between the two major mobile service providers, Nepal Telecom and Ncell. In the telecommunication sector, both companies have introduced various services and offer to capture the market. The competing private company, Ncell, has fallen while government-owned Nepal Telecom is increasing its market share. The data showed that companies other than those two companies could not find the market.

Ncell, which came in the market much later than Telecom, had raised its market share in the short run. According to a one-year MIS report by the authority, Ncell shows a general decline when compared to NTC.

According to the MIS report of Kartik last year, Nepal Telecom had a market share of 52 percent and Ncell had 41 percent. Similarly, the market share of Smart Telecom was 5 %, UTL and Nepal Satellite was 1% each. The market share has changed a little since then. According to the MIS report of Kartik 2076, Nepal Telecom has expanded its market by about 3.5 percent. Ncell has lost about 2.5 percent of its market this year.


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