National ICT Award 2017, Startups National Award

Today on 17th August of 2017 (1st Bhadra 2074), the second edition of ICT Award 2017 took place at Hotel Yak and Yeti.

The organizer of the event is I C Tech Media and has been sponsored by Netis, and the main aim of the award event is to motivate the new ones in the IT field and honor the people who have already made their contributions.

The event’s chief guest was Information and Communication Minister Honorable Mohan Bahadur Basnet, followed by Secretary of Industry Ministry, Shankar Prasad Koirala as the special guest.

This year’s edition of ICT Award consisted of 4 different categories, i.e., ICT Startup Award 2017, Innovative Product ICT Award 2017, ICT Pioneer Award 2017 and Best Diaspora ICT Award 2017.

In the first two categories, ten companies and products each were selected to go further into the Presentation and Speed Dating Session. After the session, the jury members decided the best five companies and outcomes for each category.

The top 5 companies for ICT Startup Award 2017 were Basobaas Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Catchyroad Incorporate Pvt. Ltd, Paaila Technology Pvt. Ltd, Soani Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd and Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, during the award ceremony, the top 3 companies with the highest votes (online and SMS) were called up on stage and awarded. The top 3 companies which received an award were:
1. Basobaas Nepal Pvt. Ltd – (Winner- Excellence )
2. Paaila Technology Pvt. Ltd (Winner – Excellence)
3. Zeftware Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Winner- Excellence)
Basobaas Nepal Pvt. Ltd was in first place with a total of ….. Votes followed by Paaila

On the other hand, after the distribution of awards for Startup companies, the top 5 products for Innovative Product ICT Award 2017 were announced, i.e., Big Foot, Everest Cast, Gunaso, Nepal VR, and Pari. Furthermore, during the award ceremony, the top 3 products with the highest votes (online and SMS) were called up on stage and awarded. The top 3 products which received an award were:
Everest Cast
Nepal VR
Later on, the winner of the ICT Pioneer Award 2017 was announced. The award was provided to Mr. Suresh Kumar Regmi, and his contributions to the ICT sector dates back to the ’90s when the term IT was not even fancy.

About Mr. Suresh Kumar Regmi:
Mr. Suresh Kumar Regmi is the Managing Director of PCS (Professional Computer System (P). Ltd.), a software development company with excellence in financial accounting and tax system. Mr. Regmi was born in 1957, Oct1 and earned his master’s degree from the University of Manchester Institute of Technology (UMIST), the UK in 1985 in Computation.

Furthermore, later on in the event, the Best Diaspora ICT Award 2017 award was provided to Mr. KiranBhakta Joshi who has become a synonymous name for Hollywood and animation here in Nepal.

About Mr. KiranBhakta Joshi:

Mr. Joshi is the man behind the team for the movies Beauty and the Best (1991), Aladdin (1992), The Lion King (1994), Chappie (2015), The Hunchback of Notre Dame ( 1996) and Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001). He is also the Executive Producer of Colony ( 2016 TV Show ), Da Vinci’s Demons ( 2015 TV Show ) and producer of Moonbeam City ( 2015 TV Show ) and the list goes on. His experience in CGI and Animation, he is one towering figure for ICT in Nepal and beyond.


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