A company that has been providing AI enthusiasts with proper guidance, education, software, and services for seven years since it’s establishment in 2011, Fusemachines, is about to host Nepal’s first ever AI expo on 24th August 2019, in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence for Development(AID).

The AI Expo 2019 is going to be held at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu with the hope to serve the enthusiasts, students, and AI professionals with hands-on experiences and free training on applied AI. The event will also feature many experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence to provide the much-needed guidance and mentorship to the participants of the expo. The AI Expo 2019 will be a platform to create AI products and explore benefits related to the field.

Fusemachines has been working in Nepal to provide a platform for youth to learn AI and have their ideas brought up well so that their talent in the field is well recognized. AID, on the other hand, is a research and development organization that has been trying to bring applied AI solutions to solve the existing community problems and aim to deliver a positive influence on the society with the use of AI solutions.

The participants will be able to get detailed information about AI and its advantages and usages. Along with the free training and exercises, they will be able to join hands with other students, experts in AI, and other fields with the same goal to build some feasible technological prototypes.

Sameer Maskey, a Professor at Columbia University, the founder and CEO of Fusemachines said: “Events like AI Expo 2019 will encourage participants to understand AI and help them network and collaborate to build AI-powered prototypes.”


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