Smart Palika Launched The System Made It Free For All 753 Local Government

April 20, 2020, Kathmandu

Smart Palika launched the system to fight against COVID-19; made it free for all 753 local government. After the lockdown, Nepal has seen a lot of progress in its digital sectors. Many people are using digital wallets and ordering goods from delivery services. Several companies and universities are following the #workfromhome method. These are the steps that have changed Nepal to a more digitized country.

Many countries have pushed their digital sector’s capability. Many states have taken these digital methods to combat the COVID-19 spread as well. South Korea is one of the countries which is using digital apps for contact tracing, and it has been highly effective. Many countries are trying to do the same or at least inform the public about COVID-19 and its preventive measures.

With the same concept, Smart Palika has launched Live Tracing, Contact Tracing, and Quarantine Management System for all local governments. They have made it completely free of cost for all the 753 Local Governments. It has been developed in collaboration with Rakshya and Cellapp Innovations.

Currently, the system includes mobile apps and integrated COVID-19 control measures. They have planned and have already added these features:

  1. Quarantine Management
  2. Isolation / Self Isolation Management
  3. Self Assessment / Daily Reporting
  4. Live Tracking and Monitoring
  5. Covid19 Contact Tracing
  6. Information and Data Management
  7. Reports

According to them, contact tracing features and others are yet to come within the app. They said they have been working effortlessly with their partners.

In 753 Local Government, they have already received this system and are monitored by the Health Coordinator, Local Representatives, and the District Administration Office. A user can take self-examination of your own. They can send daily reports and also can get an official announcement within the app.

Manoj Bhattarai, CEO of Smart Palika, informed that vision to create, supply, and include these of Dynamic Technologies into Governance. He added that they are transparent with their intentions that is to enable Local Government to adapt Technology. Another one is to be prepared with Data Technologies that will guide us to fight against the crisis. Which, if this happens to get worse in the future, in which he says hopefully will not occur.

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