Initial Public Offering of, Ajaya babu Shiwakoti

Being initiated with the Skill and Investment of Nepalese, has drawn the share of 2 crore US dollar. Before few days, anyone from any corner of the world can make his / her  investment on Sagoon and become a shareholder with minimum investment of 299 US dollars. According to Public Communication Chief of Nepal Chapter,Mr. Ajaya Babu Shiwakoti, Sagoon has started selling of 8,69,564 units of Share worth23 US$ for each unit of grade…

"Initial Public Offering of, Ajaya babu Shiwakoti"

Outstanding ICANN Award Winner from Nepal

Selection of the Second Security, Stability, and Resiliency of the DNS (SSR2)& Award winner Ramkrishna Pariyar. ICANN announced the selection of a 16-member team to conduct the second review on the security, stability and resiliency of the DNS (SRR2).Among these 16 members one them from Nepal. It’s proud moment for Nepalese people, especially for IT sector because of ICANN award reputation around the world. The selection of the SSR2 Review Team followed the new post-Transition…

"Outstanding ICANN Award Winner from Nepal"

Donate Computers to Schools by CAN Federation Committee

ICT for Agriculture Committee is distributed dcomputers for less previlege school in kavre district in coordination with Computer Association of Nepal Federation Kavre. Most of the Students in government school are children of underprevilege FARMERS. It is best way to teach farmers about use of ict once we educate their children. IT Educated children can really assist their uneducated parents “farmers” to fully use ICT in their occupation

"Donate Computers to Schools by CAN Federation Committee"

 Sagoon Launching a Mini-IPO Officially from today

Sagoon’s Mini- IPO is LIVE now.  The company is to raise $20 million Washington, D.C., Feb 9, 2017: Sagoon Inc. – announced today that it has launched online public offering to raise $20 million of its next round of funding from general public. Begining today, everyone from anywhere can buy a piece of Sagoon as little as $299 and become a company’s valued shareholders. A week ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United…

" Sagoon Launching a Mini-IPO Officially from today"

Nepal Telecom’s 13th Anniversary Offers

NT should give unlimited data, calls and messages for the whole day of it’s anniversary On the auspicious occasion of 13th anniversary, Nepal Telecom is presenting various packages to their valued customers. but many facebook users suggested to Nepal Telecom:  NT  must think about cost of Internet and data. They need full data with low price. Why are you not caring in this case because it’s the world which we can carry our whole things included…

"Nepal Telecom’s 13th Anniversary Offers"

All brand Chip Level Laptop Repair at New Baneshwor

Laptop Sales & Repair holds highly skilled and expert team in laptop repair in Nepal. Laptop repair in Nepal with 95% success rate in Golmeshwor Trade Concern-Computer Help Center. Simple memory upgrade to chip level repairing of laptop motherboard, we do it all for any laptop brands.Welcome to our Laptop repair center, you are at the right place to service your laptop with the best price and quality. Since 2005, They are providing laptop service to…

"All brand Chip Level Laptop Repair at New Baneshwor"

Khalti Digital Wallets: Enabling the Next Generation of Mobile Consumers

Khalti, a new generation digital wallet and mobile payment system, available on Web and Android platforms. Download the Khalti app today or use it on web – Currently available services – Mobile Topup, Landline Bill Payment, ADSL, DishHome, Worldlink, Subisu, and Recharge cards.

"Khalti Digital Wallets: Enabling the Next Generation of Mobile Consumers"

Digital Signature presentation on Civil Aviation Authority Nepal

  Uses of Digital Signatures in Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Presented by Chiranjibi Adhikari (COO) and Kushal Gaihre (IT Officer) of Nepal Certifying Company yesterday.  Presentation focused on Digital Signatures Best Practice for e-Business Transactions. Digital Signature is a new business opportunities have emerged as paper-based transaction systems are moved online.

"Digital Signature presentation on Civil Aviation Authority Nepal"

Community Rescue siren developed by Nepalese Scientists

Technology Sales Pvt. Ltd. is a Research based trading and manufacturing company, initiated a decade ago and formally established in 2006. It is a joint effort of professional management of K.B. Bhandari and young twin researchers Ram – Laxman Rimals. The Company is involved in promoting new and innovative technology in Nepal. The organization develops innovative products to enhance the quality of life of the people in the country. They are highly sensitive towards excellent…

"Community Rescue siren developed by Nepalese Scientists"

 Is Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) legally valid in Nepal ?

Yes, as per the Electronic Transactions Act 2063 in Nepal, Digital Signature & Certificate (DSC) is legally valid in Nepal. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is issued by licensed Certifying Authorities under the Office of the Controller of Certification, Government of Nepal as per the Electronic Transaction Act 2063 and Rules 2064. For more inquiry: Click Here  

" Is Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) legally valid in Nepal ?"

Khalti Digital Wallet (Nepal), digital payment service

Khalti is a digital payment service that provides transactions for various Bill Payments, Mobile Recharges, Money Transfers, shopping and wallet payments. It is an easy way to send money or accept payments instantly. Khalti is Nepal’s Payment app that also allows money transfers & payments via various bank accounts & Agent Network. Khalti also provides various offers & cashbacks on various service payments. A lot of new exciting services & offers will be added soon.…

"Khalti Digital Wallet (Nepal), digital payment service"

Info-Tech Attractions, Smart phones to reserve taxi

App on smart phones to reserve taxi in Nepal According to CAN Federation, National and International  IT organizations will showcase their products and services through different stalls in this event. Products and services related to hardware sales and maintenance, power solution, mobile accessories, Internet Service Providers, telecommunication, ICT colleges and training institutes, software solution, payment solution, among others are displayed in the CAN Info-Tech 2017. “Among other issues, the Info-Tech  focused on broadband internet issues as well as…

"Info-Tech Attractions, Smart phones to reserve taxi"

Mahabir Pun’s Campaign Getting Donations Day by Day

“Leaving the Door of Government of Nepal, Getting to the door of Nepali-Lovers”: Mahabir Pun Let all the Nepalese-within the country and away from the country come together for making progressive development in Nepal, by prioritizing the following : Encourage creative and talented human resources to make best use of their talents Give more priority to boost up and promote innovative and technical development and yield talented ones to their extremes. Motivate and Encourage the…

"Mahabir Pun’s Campaign Getting Donations Day by Day"

A Short Brief of Cyber Law and IT Policy in Nepal

The main achievement of Information and Communication Technology is to provide internet access all over the world. What so ever, be the geographical distance, the development internet technology has make it possible enough to access every information via internet media access. The proper use of information technology enhance the academic ,health ,administrative ,economic and social aspects and its abuse may result in a severe disasters. Making a computer, a medium or using remote computers for…

"A Short Brief of Cyber Law and IT Policy in Nepal"

Web Site Design Special Offer at Subisu CAN Info-tech 2017

Web Creation Nepal, a Web Development and IT solution provider, has been a major contributor to the global market with regard to Business web application, website, Mobile apps development and collaborative eCommerce solution since 2010. Web Creation Nepal is participating in the Subisu CAN Into-tech 2017 with the objective of promotion web development, digital marketing and SEO Bootcamp. Special Offers A special discount is offered in all the website packages from Jan 26, 2017 to…

"Web Site Design Special Offer at Subisu CAN Info-tech 2017"

MoU between Softech Foundation and Nepal Certifying Company

Signing Ceremony of the MoU between Softech Foundation and Nepal Certifying Company Softech Foundation Pvt. Ltd.  adopts Digital Signature – the first Software Company of its kind to get Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). Softech Foundation Pvt. Ltd. penned an MoU for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) with the Nepal Certifying Company (NCC) at its head office today at Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal. The MoU was signed by Mr. Ambika Prasad Luitel, Chairman of Softech Foundation and…

"MoU between Softech Foundation and Nepal Certifying Company"

Why PGDCA at Kantipur City College ?

Post Graduate Diploma in computer application (PGDCA) is one of the highly recommended diploma course, leading an extraordinary and successful career in the field of Information Technology (IT). With an affiliation from Nepalese University, this course of one year which consists of two semesters is best taught in Kantipur City College. Kantipur City College has devoted its twelve years in the same field and also has provided successful career goals to many and is still…

"Why PGDCA at Kantipur City College ?"

ADBL Mobile Banking Started, No traffic jams, No problem

ADBL customers can take benefit of modern banking service by using mobile phone anywhere and anytime. Agricultural Development Bank Limited has started SMS based application that facilitates their customer to perform convenient and secured mechanism to manage their finances from Mobile Phones. The application is applicable to  the customers having their Agricultural Development Bank accounts. Enjoy fast access to your bank account on your mobile phone. No matter where you are, you can have the bank in your pocket. you…

"ADBL Mobile Banking Started, No traffic jams, No problem"

Cyber Security Awareness Program at Divyanagar Higher Secondary School

Chitwan, Nepal January 15, 2017 – Cyber Security Awareness Program at Divyanagar Higher Secondary School has been sponsored by Mr. Mukti Dawadi, well-wisher of the school and the students. As he used to the student of the same school, he also always have strong positive feelings towards the school and he has proved it with several financial and social supports. Recently also, he had gathered a huge financial support for the school though he is…

"Cyber Security Awareness Program at Divyanagar Higher Secondary School"

Citizen Investment Trust Starts Mobile App Services

CIT was established in order to expand investment opportunities by encouraging general public to save capital and to bring dynamism in the development of capital market in the country.. CIT has come up with a application a of Mobile as  service to inform its clients about their savings amount and details.  Rajan Khanal, Revenue Secretary of Finance Ministry inaugurated the services from the city of  Pokhara branch of the Trust. “This Mobile app has saved…

"Citizen Investment Trust Starts Mobile App Services"

4th Annual General Meeting of Nepal Certifying Company

Nepal Certifying Company Pvt. Ltd. – 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) The 4th AGM of Nepal Certifying Company Pvt. Ltd, Chaired by Mr. Biplav man Singh, Chairman of Nepal Certifying Company Pvt. Ltd , was successfully held on Thursday, 12th  January 2017 at Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu. The Managing Director of Nepal Certifying Company Pvt. Ltd Mr. Purushottam Ghimire, Executive Director Mr. Deepak Bhandari, Chairman of Issuing Certifying Authority (Radiant Info tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd. ) Mr. Bhaskar Bhandari, Shareholders and employees of…

"4th Annual General Meeting of Nepal Certifying Company"

Brother Business Printers | 2016 Award Winner

Brother has once again been crowned with Readers’ Choice Award for Best Printers by PC Magazine, An international magazine based in New York, USA.This is the 8th consecutive year that Brother received this award. Brother printers were also recognized with PCMag’s Business Choice Award for the 4th year in a row. Brother has consistently exceeded its performance and has been having best satisfaction rating in various measures and these awards prove it. Lets help people…

"Brother Business Printers | 2016 Award Winner"

Are you Planning to join MCA ? Admission Open !!

Evolving as a wing-program of Purbanchal University, MCA has proved itself to be a Pioneering program fusing two major aspects of “Business” and “Computer Science”. The program is able enough to yield up skilled graduates with capability to enlight technical aspects with Business strategies. The MCA degree holders are well equipped with the knowledge to investigate the use of Information Systems up to the optimum level and at the same time they are conscious about…

"Are you Planning to join MCA ? Admission Open !!"