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03 April 2020 Kathmandu

Mobile apps have made our lives simpler. Whether it’s shopping or playing games or learning, we rely on mobile apps for so many things. Today, we are going to look at top Nepali apps that everyone should have on their phones in 2020.

Obviously, these apps aren’t the ones that we use for a long time to pass time.

In fact, these apps are more useful in our daily lives and lives are simpler with them.

Wouldn’t you agree?

In the context of Nepal, innovations have made its way to the lives of people and the app market. Slowly but surely, the mobile app market is growing in the country and there is already a fear of missing out (FOMO).

So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive in!

Top 10 Nepali Apps To Have On Your Smartphone In 2020

1.   Hamro Patro

With over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store, Hamro Patro is the most downloaded app in Nepal.

Mind-blowing, right?

It is a Nepali calendar app but it would be an understatement to leave it that.

Hamro Patro : The Best Nepali Patro - Apps on Google Play

Hamro Patro

It has some other productive features which provide an amazing user experience. You can get news updates on this app. Also, this app provides exam routines, events, FMs, foreign exchange rates, and more.

To complete the package, this app has other built-in features like Hamro Radio, Hamro Jyotish, Hamro Video and Audio.

Hamro Patro is available to download on both iOS and Android.

App Rating – 4.5/5

2.   eSewa

Next on the Nepali app list is eSewa, the finance app giant in Nepal. eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Payment Service Provider, starting services from 2009 AD.

There are hardly people waiting in lines to pay bills, thanks to online payment platforms like eSewa. You can pay utility bills, book movie tickets, and transfer money, making transactions simpler and faster.

eSewa App - Online payment gateway in Nepal

eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd., the first and leading Payment Service Provider in Nepal

A lot of banks have associated with this digital wallet to make transactions easier. With 1 million+ downloads, it is one of the top Nepali apps today.

To load funds in your eSewa ID, you can do it via mobile banking, counter deposit, eSewa cash point, or receive funds from another user.

App Rating – 4.3/5

3.   Tootle

Tootle is a ride-sharing app available within the Kathmandu valley and other few places outside Kathmandu. It is similar to the popular Uber app.

Basically, it connects people who are looking for a ride with the ones who are willing to share it in two-wheelers.

Tootle Today

Tootle Ride-Sharing Platform

If you don’t like crowded and busy public transport, then this app is definitely for you. It is faster, cost-efficient, and saves you from a traffic jam on the roads of K-town.

You can also be a tootle rider yourself and earn on-the-go. There’s absolutely no need to commit your full-time to the job. You just need to be willing to share a ride to help others get to their destination.

App Rating – 3.7/5

4.   Foodmandu

Did anyone say food? Because next on the list is Foodmandu, the online food delivery service operating in Kathmandu. Thanks to the app, you don’t need to call to order or even step out of your household.

Just pick your favorite food from your favorite restaurant, and there you have it! It will be delivered at your doorsteps.

 Foodmandu: Food Delivery Service in Kathmandu

Foodmandu delivers your favorite food on your doorsteps

Oh, wondering if the food will be warm?

Don’t worry, your favorite food will be hot and sizzling with the type of packaging delivery person use.

Moreover, it has already 100k+ downloads on Google Play Store. It certainly is a must-have app among the Nepali apps list.

App Rating – 3.4/5

5.   Daraz

Are you on a shopping spree? Well, Daraz app is not going to help you with that. Because it has it all – from clothing and accessories to electronic gadgets and kitchenware. Daraz is the no.1 online shopping site in Nepal. And, the app is no different either.

In fact, it is one of the most trending apps in Nepal currently. Shopping has never been so easy and reliable.

Daraz Online Shopping App

Daraz Online Shopping App

Just look up what you desire and order the item. The delivery person will deliver your items at your doorstep. Moreover, Daraz provides return and refund policies if in case the items don’t satisfy you.

App Rating – 4.5/5

6.   Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Want to be able to type in Nepali font? Well, you have Hamro Nepali Keyboard for that. If you prefer to type in Nepali or your work demands it, then this app will certainly help you out.

You can use it on any app and it also comes with emoji support as well as Numeric keypad. It is a must-have app for all Nepalese for sure.

Hamro Nepali Keyboard for Android

Hamro Nepali Keyboard | Image Source: Gizmo Guff

Furthermore, this app supports Unicode transliterations, MPP based Romanized layout, and traditional layout.

Pro tip: Tell your parents about this app in case they don’t know. They might actually love it.

App Rating – 4.3/5

7.   NetTV Nepal

Next on the list of top Nepali apps is your partner of boredom, NetTV Nepal. It is the oldest video and TV streaming service in Nepal.

This application provides live TV channels, movies-on-demand, and several other contents.

They have partnered with several telcos like Ncell and Smart and ISPs like Vianet, Worldlink to provide video streaming through their Internet service.

Net TV Apps

NetTV Online Streaming Application

You can subscribe to NetTV on a package-basis and pay for its service using eSewa, Khalti, e-banking, etc.

Don’t miss your favorite TV shows, movies, and songs from now on!

App Rating – 3.9/5

8.   Merojob

Now let’s talk about an app that is very useful to people seeking good jobs according to their qualifications. The company has already created 180,000+ success stories with +600,000+ job seekers in their database.

merojob: Search Jobs in Nepal - Job Vacancies in Nepal

Merojob – Online Job Portal in Nepal

The platform came into existence with the aim of bridging the gap between employers and job seekers. The app facilitates registering your personal detail with qualifications.

Next thing you know, the job portal will help set up an interview for your dream job. Merojob provides one of the best recruitment and career management solution in Nepal.

App Rating – 3.6/5

9.  Ludo Neo-Classic

It is the first-ever Nepali variant of the popular Ludo game available for mobile. Ludo Neo-Classic has additional rules and options to play with.

The game has both classic and modern design with the choice of local or international rules.

Ludo Neo-Classic for Android

Ludo Neo-Classic

In fact, it is a really fun game for passing the time. Pretty sure that you have played this game with your colleagues during lunch break.

You can play with up to 3 of your friends or CPU. Moreover, the app is lightweight and fast due to low MB of package size.

If you are looking for entertainment with friends, download this app now!

App Rating – 4.1/5

10.  Nepali Dictionary

How about we end the top Nepali apps list with Nepali Dictionary? It is an offline dictionary with multiple functions. That means it allows users to convert from Nepali to English as well as from English to Nepali.

So, it is quite convenient when it comes to learning both English or Nepali.

Arguably the best Nepali dictionary out there!

Hamro Nepali English Dictionary App

Hamro Nepali English Dictionary

You don’t have to believe us for our word, just try it for yourself.

This app has got a comprehensive list of more than 20,000 English words meaning and 30,000 Nepali words meaning.

If you are wondering about the pronunciation of those words, it has got that covered that too.

Also, there are image illustrations for categories of vegetables, fruits, animals, etc. to get a better understanding of them. Not to mention, it has included word games to make learning fun.

App Rating – 4.4/5


There are other amazing apps that are helping people overcome any hurdles in their daily lives routine. Other apps like Khalti, Sarathi, Pathao, Telco apps, etc. are doing very well in Nepal at the moment.

These apps have become a necessity these days and honestly, we can’t imagine our lives without them. Thanks to innovation in technology that Nepal is advancing forward as Digital Nepal.

So, that’s all for the 10 top Nepali apps that you must have on your smartphone.

If you think other apps deserve to be on the list, let us know.

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