111 Hospitals Enlisted By Nepal Government For CoronaVirus Treatment

April 14, 2020, Kathmandu

As the number of people infected by coronavirus increases, governments are trying their best to minimize its spread. The government has now listed 111 hospitals for the treatment of coronavirus patients. 11 more hospitals have been added to the previous list. Any patients confirmed with or suspected of coronavirus can get treatment in these hospitals. The list includes both government-run and private hospitals. The government has categorized them into different groups assigning different responsibilities. The list includes 25 hub hospitals and 64 provincial hospitals.

How is the government letting private hospitals to treat coronavirus patients?

The Ministry of  Health and Population released an interim directive on the management of COVID-19 treatment. The directive specifies the rights, roles, and responsibilities of these hospitals. With this directive, the government has expected to work along with private hospitals for COVID-19 treatment. As many news reports reported that private hospitals were refusing to treat suspected coronavirus patients, this directive can make them responsible for treating the patients.

Besides these health posts and hospitals will continue their regular health services. If you and any regular treatment to be performed in hospitals you can visit them. But, the government has requested to not visit hospitals if there is no emergency or for minor accidents.


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