11th Cyber Security Awareness Program at Prime College

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016:  “In this present scenario impact of IT has been growing continuously but along with its increasing threats. We have to aware people especially students: who most of the time are engaged using laptops, mobile phones, and internet services. If they are aware, they can aware and protect their family members and the society from cyber-attacks.” – Mr. Dilli Sharma, Coordinator of Prime College. Cyber Security Experts Mr. Shankar Pd Sharma and Chiranjibi Adhikari will be presented there.

Cyber-Security Start-ups Surge. The internet users as well as the frequency to use the internet is growing every day. With this growing involvement of internet users, the threat to the system is growing as well with numerous attempts to penetrate the system. Cybersecurity has become an integral part of the world we live in even if it’s behind the scene. With an epic year in cybersecurity venture funding behind us and lots of money still flowing to start-up capitals in 2016, it is expected to grow for a blossoming crop of security start-ups.

The hype may also be growing to epic proportions as everyone tries to out-compete with one another’s game-changing, next generation, big data, intelligence-driven, platform-based silver bullet gizmos. But amidst all of the marketing puffer, there’s substance to a lot of innovation out there, as the latest class of newcomers try to help practitioners fix what’s broken in cyber-security today.

Venture capital investment in cyber-security start-ups rose 78% to $228 million in 2015, and will rise to S400 million in 2016 as rapid adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) raises the threat to products such as connected cars, smart homes, and future factories. According to Lux‘s Research. “The threat will rise, and there has to be more investment in the sector.” According to one investment banker, who calls cyber-security one of the “fastest growing sectors” right now.

A few numbers of start-ups succeed, but many more fails or struggle. Some fantastic security products have failed to gain critical market acceptance and ultimately failed to weaker technologies that are supported by superior marketing and sales. One of the most consistent reasons for success is management’s experience to make the right decisions at the right time. In a start-up’s development stage, the key personnel is strong technologists, preferably with relevant domain expertise.

The technologists must be experienced enough to create, communicate and execute their vision. But having a stable of degreed, experienced professionals isn’t enough to carry a start-up from inception to Initial Public Offering (IPO). Such technologist-heavy companies lack the management experience necessary to transform their product from a development project to a commercially viable release. So, the capable ones are most invited to this arena and are encouraged to boost their system as there are innovations to offer from each of them taking cybersecurity to the next level.