Internet Exchange Nepal (npIX) and Nepal Network Operators’ Group (npNOG) will be organizing “npNOG-2” event from June 15th to 18th, 2017. The event will have 3 days workshop at Hotel Yellow Pagoda followed by final day conference on June 18th, 2017 at Hotel Malla, Kathmandu. The workshop will be conducted in three tracks 1) IPv4/IPv6 network design, 2) Network monitoring and management and 3) Optical fiber network design workshop. These workshops will be conducted by senior experienced professionals from Nepal and abroad. The workshop will be very helpful for final year Engineering students and aspiring ICT professionals to get practical knowledge and hands on practice to build career and grow in as communication, Internet and network professional. Students will be provided 50% discount to attend the event.

The final day conference will have several presentations on current status, challenges and success stories of Internet and Network infrastructure from several technical leaders of various Telecoms, ISPs, Banks, Government and ICT Professionals. A keynote of the conference will be by Mr. Matt Janson of Facebook. The event will set a platform for learning, knowledge sharing and developing community as per Mr. Samit Jana, President of npNOG. The event is supported by NTA, FCAN, ISPAN, NREN and ISOC Nepal.

Special sponsorship (fellowship) is also provided to deserving candidates for the event. Above 40% fellows selected this time are women in technology field.


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