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19th November 2022, Kathmandu

With the election to the Member of the House of Representatives (HoR) and Province Assembly on the 4th of Mangsir, the silence period has started from midnight today.

The election is taking place throughout the country in a single phase. According to the Election Code of Conduct, 2022, the silence period comes into effect from 48 hours before the voting day until the polls are closed.

The voting for the election to the HoR and Province Assembly is taking place from 7 am to 5 pm.

Following the silence period, the political party office-bearers, candidates, the sister organizations of the parties, or related individuals cannot perform any election promotions and campaigns.

Election campaigning, as well as any type of discussion, interaction, assemblies, workshop seminars, and gatherings, are forbidden during this period.

Likewise, the Code of Conduct states that the election publicity materials of the political parties or candidates kept 300 meters around the polling station should be removed 48 hours before the voting day.

Any social media promotions for or against any political party are prohibited during the period. If found doing any publicity stunts during this period, the election commission will take action against such behavior.

The silence period has been announced to enable the people to cast their ballots with confidence.


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