6 Games You Can Play To Kill Time In Quarantine

06 April 2020, Kathmandu

Passing time out during the lockdown has become a serious problem for the people. As lockdown is extending and showing no sign of ending soon, people are bored of chatting as well. There used to be a time when we were begging for a long vacation break where we will chat with friends all the time. But now we are eager to go outside and wouldn’t bother to work overtime in the office.

But as lockdown keeps on getting extended, there are some other ways you can beat your boredom. Cooking, painting, etc are the things you can keep yourself busy on.

But what if you want an easy way to get yourself engaged and free of boredom?

You can play games.

Some games suggestions are mentioned below:

  1. Kiss, Marry, Kill:

Kiss, Marry, Kill is an old school game that we might have played in our school days. The rules of the game are simple, one has to pick who they would kiss, marry or kill.  The “who” person can be anything from a famous celebrity to your own friends.

  1. Text Antakshari:

We have all played Antakshari with friends and family during long family trips. Well, this one is similar to our regular antakshari but the only difference is you don’t actually sing the song but send lyrics.

  1. Once upon a time… ( Storyline):

This game is simple and engaging while playing with a group of friends. To play this game first someone should text “ Once upon a time” than the others from the group will have to add more lines to it to be a complete story.

  1. What’s the first thing that came to your mind:

In this game, all you need to do is write a word on a chat and another person has to reply to the first thing that came to his/her mind.

  1. Guess the word:

Guess the word is that old puzzle-like game that we have all played once in our life. The came  is simple, all you need to do is send scramble a word and sent it in the chat, then your friends have to guess the correct word using the scrambled alphabets

  1. 20 Questions:

In this game, two people ask questions to each other turn wise. The question can be about any random object. The question could be on Yes or No format. The question is asked to each other about 20 times or unless another person figures out the object.


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