A 13 year old Kelvin Sangaula from Damak-8, Jhapa has made Sky flying Drone. The intelligent boy had already made more than a half dozen instruments and device. Recently, Sangaula has made flying drone within 3 month which can carry 2kg weight too. ‘Never give up’. The sentence is clarified by the Sangaula. Within 3 times practices, Sangaula has made Drone where audio UNO (micro controller), Brush-less motor, propeller, counter clockwise, clock clockwise, ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), Gyro sensor are connected.

Kelvin’s father had informed that only rs.25000 is needed to make Drone. Till now, Kelvin had already made simple block Robert, wire remote control car, Bluetooth controller car, barrier removable Robert, line follow Robert.

According to Kelvin’s father for the invention of Drone it takes 3 month. Moreover he added, before the project of Drone invention, Kelvin had almost forget about daily routine. Now he is very glad. Kelvin is the class 7 student of Aakshara school of Kandaghhari of Capital. His aim is scientist in near future. Kelvin is the YouTube learner and he learns programming to everything from YouTube.


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