An unbelievable fact  a 6 years old American boy is making $11 million (more than 1 arab) a year on YouTube reviewing toys from his YouTube account, According to Forbes. Through the YouTube channels named Ryan toys Review, Ryan is Creating an YouTube channel. He creates the intermediate person of elementary school kids products worldwide. Forbes’ categorized this YouTube channel as the highest-earning YouTube celebrates in its annual list. Since, this channel started in March 2015 had more than 16 billion viewers. An interview by Washington post with Ryan mother’s said that the account began when Ryan was 4-year -old fan of toy review videos, asked his parent why he couldn’t also review toys on YouTube. And slowly and steady video went viral till July 2015. Pixar’s cars series videos has close to 800 millions views. Presently,the viewership boasts a current audience of 10 million subscribers,earn about $1 million a month in advertising revenue alone


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