A breadcrumb Trail is a series of text links moving from left to right that show visitors wherein a website they are and gives them a fast and easy way of navigating back to any of the previous pages.

Breadcrumbs are a vital part of the design of your website as they will help with the website’s overall.


Search Engine Optimization

The reason breadcrumb trails are so valuable from a search engine optimization standpoint is that you can use your keywords in the anchor text and link through to the most valuable page.

This increase the weighting of your chosen keywords within your internal linking profile which in turn helps to indicate the relevance of your website to the search engines.

When using breadcrumbs remember to:

Use your keywords in the breadcrumb links

Structure it with the homepage on the left

Ensure all your links go to the right place

A breadcrumb trail is a precious part of your website’s navigation so ensure that you don’t miss it out of your site build. But  Be aware of do not just stuff keywords into your breadcrumb trail; it must be relevant to the linked to the page and make sense.