A Good lesson From A Bad Experience

We were all humans until Race disconnected us, Religion separated us, Politics divided us, And Wealth classified us. The mentioned quote is an interesting one but the sad fact is that it is true. Even in this century where we are driven by technology, it is a sad sight to see that brothers of the same nation are ready to tear each other apart. We have the same color of blood but race, religion, etc. are like labels on our foreheads which have succeeded to make us feel like we are less than others.

One thing the recent earthquakes have made us realize that for mother Earth we are all the same. When the devastation struck, it didn’t distinguish us as our species does. For nature, we are all its inhabitants. When the catastrophe hits it does not matter what caste you are, which religion you belong too if you belong to any political parties or how rich you are; if you are in its way, it will take you down with it.

While it may seem that some are at a better advantage than the others, it might not be so. It is a matter of how well you are prepared for it and the precautions you take. We know that prevention is better than cure. The current situation is one of the times when unity is very vital. It is a good lesson to take from a bad job.

We have currently witnessed that teamwork is at its peak and people are helping each other as much as they can. The same people that may have fought over religion or caste at one point are now compelled to share the same resources.

The people that had the labels ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ are now on the same local ground and are under the same roof because they both have the same fear in their minds. They all want to be safe, but sometimes they fail to remember that each life is valuable. Now they realize that we all are dependent upon each other. I wish we had realized it sooner. I want to the tragedy didn’t have to be the one to teach us this.