The Best Lecturer of Shanker Dev Campus, Motivational speaker Prajeet K. Timalsina gives a motivational and inspiring speech about Management, Instructional and Craft knowledge. His  role of a lecturer is critical in keeping students engaged and actively listening to the topic in hand. 

How do you define yourself?

I would say I am self motivated, confident in my ability to produce and someone who wants to be judged by individual performance and rewarded for my efforts based on my ability to execute. Furthermore, I am determined to do well in my profession and take responsibilities within my effort to help my students for their consistent growth in learning.

What’s your area of expertise?

My experience in the field of teaching contributes to my performance. I would say that my areas of expertise are: Management, Motivational, Instructional, and Craft knowledge. Management as such to maximize the attention and engagement of students with the learning experience. Motivational as such to mobilize my student’s desire to learn, build their confidence and belief in themselves. Instructional as such to share the skills associated with getting inside the learner’s head. And lastly, craft knowledge as such for teaching specific concept and skills within the curriculum.

Tell us about your dreams in the field of management?

I think my dreams are simple ones and hopefully achievable. Even my life today is indeed a dream come true. When I know what I am good at, it gives me a sense of direction. I need to focus on being better and have fun putting all my efforts together. I want to be appreciated and loved for my work. And to date, I have always been appraised for my actions. I have been awarded as Best Teacher by my students also. That’s my achievement that I am proud of.

I am still learning upon my skills of being better in the field of management apart from my teaching skills. There is still way to go to stand out in this field and I use to spend my time to achieve it.

How can students improve their chances of success in management field?

 All I tell my students that there are two factors to success: Hard work and Dedication. And all you need to do is focus on your dreams and dedicate yourself in the right direction to achieve it. Because when life stops asking from you is the day when you start getting from your hard work and dedications.

Does a leader need power or authority? How do you influence people?

Leaders are like guiding angel. I don’t think that power and authority is prerequisite but yes if it comes along, its like chocolate chips on your ice-cream. One can become a leader with the ability to make a difference in other’s lives by inspiring them without any power and authority.

Will you please share us your habit on use of social media?

Social media is an addiction, but not a good one. I am very passive in social media personally because I am left with less time after my work and I want to spend with my loved ones and in some productive work. Some things are worth sharing. But sharing everything you did, its more like mindless noise. By now, we are all aware that social media has a tremendous impact on our lives.

It’s a debatable issue of whether social media is good or not. And I would say if it’s about broadening your vision, having knowledge about current affairs and advancement in technology, then social media could be the best medium. It’s great if today’s students have a keen interest in the news. And no doubt, online news could be a significant source

How selective are you while buying gadgets?

Hmm, everyone wants the best, and I am not an exception to it. I must say I am very selective while it comes up in buying gadgets. I prefer reading reviews from users before buying anything. And also, I consult with my circle of friends.

What types of experiences do you have in Modeling Area?

Well, there were some great moments. I got to visit new places, meet new friends and gathered some mesmerizing memories so far. It was an opportunity that came to me out of nowhere without any experience, but I am happy that I stood up to expectations.

Modeling is a career which can last from your youth to when you’re older. But, I am not a professional model. Surprisingly, I got an offer for the modeling and also time has favored me then. So, I usually take offers if time prefers me.

Do you have anything to share with your fans through ICT FRAME?

All I would say to my students and fans is to focus on your aims and never deviate from your life goals. Success will come to you for sure. Never run behind success, let success run behind you. Since our main festival, Dashain is approaching near, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Vijaya Dashami and Subha Deepawali.

you can contact him at [email protected]