King  Salman taking vacations on a whole new level : A throne, motorcades and a lift on the beach.

The king of Saudi Arabia has arrived in the southern part of France for a three week break . But, given the title he is not your average holiday maker. The king occupied 300 M (985 Ft) of exclusive zone around his villa so a public beach had to be closed down temporarily . Many businesses however are happy and eager to meet his demands since the Saudi’s bring a much needed revenue to the area. So what is the to-do list of the king? Lets take a peak.
A throne in a villa with mesmerizing views :
The villa houses’s a palatial accommodation which is nestled among the rocky shores of the beach-line. This villa was built in 1932 by architect Barry Dierks (Chateau de I’horizon). The villa basically hosted many guests, including Winston Churchill , Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe.
Several hundred others are accompanying the king therefore, the villa is replacing flowers and windows and setting a throne on the kings balcony for undisturbed views.
Facilitated transportation :
King Salman and his companions, friends and families arrived at the a airport on Saturday with private planes operated by Saudi Airlines.
A 10- vehicle motorcade was there to greet the 79 year old monarch and his guests, before guiding them to their residence. 400 saloon cars with tinted windows were hired to transport them to lust beaches and local tourist spots .There is nothing like good company, and lots of it :
Summer holidays are the perfect times to spend time with family and friends but inviting 1000’s may seem a bit over the top. King Salman’s Large relatives staff members and military officials have taken up residence along the french coast. While his inner circle will spend time at his sea front mansion, almost 700 are staying in lavish hotels in Cannes.
Visitors from the oil rich country has led to increase in security with police vans and security guards all over the residence . The director of Four-star hotel Montaigne mentions half of their rooms being fully booked by the Saudi’s.
Secluded beaches :
The king being fond of beaches has created an impact on the shores of La  Mirandole which runs along side his mansion. The place is sealed off and public members are banned from coming with in 300 M of his villa by sea. A temporary elevator way fitted on the sandy beaches for the king’s easy access to which the locals have protested. The Saudi;s however promised to remove the lift when they leave.