A To Z Online Training Pack For Learning Ethical Hacking

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Here comes good news for everyone who aspires to learn ethical hacking online. This week THN deals has brought Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle that let you get started regardless of your experience level. Comparatively, at present, the term ethical hacking is getting much more attention. At current, there are many people who want to learn ethical hacking and aims to set their career on it.

To make your professional ethical hacker the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle will start its journey from fundamental ideas. This 45 hours, of course, covers total 384 in-depth lectures, usually cost $1,273 you can exclusively get this 8-in-1 online training course for just $39 (after 96% discount) at the THN Deals Store.

1. Ethical Hacker Boot Camp for 2017

In this course you will learn about passive and active reconnaissance, scanning and enumeration, social engineering basics, network mapping, and with live hacking demonstrations using tools like Maltego, FOCA, Harvester, Recon-ng, Nmap, and mass can

Once you are done with this course, you will be able to think and perform like a hacker and be fully geared up for Ethical Hacking Certifications exams.

2. A to Z Ethical Hacking Course

This course includes basics to advanced hacking techniques, leaving no stone unturned.

As it has been named as  A to Z Ethical Hacking Course, it will provide you hands-on practice in a variety of hacking techniques, such as SQL injections, phishing, cross-site scripting, and email hacking, making you learn how to use tools like Metasploit, Keylogger, and Wireshark.

By the end of this course, people will come to you with an offer of high paying ethical hacking job.

3. Learn Burp Suite for Advanced Web Penetration Testing

This course will provide you knowledge about how to use Burp Suite – Java-based software a Java-based graphical tool for testing web application security– and how to employ Burp to automate certain attacks.

Burp can combine advanced manual techniques with state-of-the-art automation, to make your work faster, more efficient, and more fun.

The course teaches about different types of web attacks by targeting a test environment based on OWASP Web Goat, a deliberately vulnerable web app used to practice security techniques.

4. Complete Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing Course

This online course will allow you to know about the art of Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking. The course will let you know about the simulated penetration testing process – Information Gathering, Enumeration, Vulnerability Scanning, Exploitation, and Post Exploitation.

You will be able to efficiently find and exploit security vulnerabilities in applications or web services manually or using automated scanning tools once you are done with this course.

5. Intro to Ethical Hacking Certification

As the course is named as an intro to ethical hacking certification, this course covers a quick introduction to ethical hacking and how to thrive in the competitive IT industry.

Since the demand for security professionals is burgeoning, it’s a must for you to have a comprehensive knowledge and information of security hacking and this course will help you jump in on the action.

6. Real World Hacking & Penetration Testing

Besides updated Penetration Testing techniques, these 5 hours of immersive course will get you through all up to date ethical hacking tools and techniques.

Along with the updated Penetration Testing Techniques, the course will also get you through all up to date ethical hacking tools and techniques. This course carries a total of 5 hours.

This is a very advanced course, in this course, you’ll learn everything a pen-tester does, from exploring attacks on computers, networks, and web applications, to discovering DARKNET and wireless attacks.

7. Learn Kali Linux and Hack Android Mobile Devices

This course provides you much-needed knowledge and concept about Kali Linux – a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing that includes over 300 tools for penetration testing, forensics, hacking and reverse engineering – and its hacking capabilities.

Since most of your critical data is stored on your smartphone, cybercriminals take a high interest in targeting smartphones to steal your personal information, especially Android, which is the world’s most extensive mobile operating system.

Since we all store our sensitive data in smartphones, cyber attackers take a high interest in attacking our smartphones to steal personal information or data. Especially Android mobile are attacked immensely by hackers.

This course also teaches you about how to hack Android smartphones and tablets and explore countermeasures to each kind of attack to secure them from hackers.

After the accomplishment of this course, you’ll be able to efficiently use valuable mobile hacking tools like Netcat, Ettercap, and NMAP; set up Virtual Machines, a workspace, and an Android platform; and work with the exploit, Metasploit, and Armitage.

8. Learn How to Pentest using Android from Scratch

Last but not least:  here comes the most exciting course that will allow you to prevent a variety of common attacks using your Android devices.

It’s a penetration testing with Android. This course will let you install NetHunter and Kali Linux on your Android device to perform penetration testing, use your Android device to gain access to an account accessed by devices in your network, create a fake access point in a system and spy on all the data sent on it, explore several exploitation methods to gain full control over a target computer, and discover techniques to detect ARP Poisoning Attacks.

By the end of this course, you’ll grab ideas and knowledge on how attacks work, how to launch the attack practically, and how to detect and prevent that type of attack from happening.


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