As I mentioned earlier, the Leapfrog academy has conducted many workshops each month to help students to become familiar with the software used in the present market globally. Likewise, this time also on the occasion of Software Freedom Day(SFD), the is going to conduct Advance MS Excel workshop on 17th September 2016 at 10AM-1PM.

During this program, with the expert Mr.Sagar Dev Bhatta, you would get a chance to learn the core concepts of spreadsheet and develop the skill of data presentation. Besides this, the workshop would also cover many courses as:

  1. Data Categorization and Structuring
  2. Data Manipulation and calculations
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Data Visualization, Presentation, and Automation

So don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your knowledge through MS Excel Course. It will help you to boost up your skills in MS Excel.

Furthermore, will also teach this course every weekend (4 Saturdays ) once you enroll and each class would be three hours long with extensive practice in data presentation. That would be far better than any other institution you would go for a learning purpose.

So utilize your time and do something best that help you to shape your career.