linkedin data leaks

13th March 2021, Kathmandu

According to a report by CyberNews, the potential scope of the leak is huge and an individual selling the data on a hacker forum claims it was scraped from as many as 500 million LinkedIn profiles

Highlighting the fact that hacked LinkedIn profiles with another 2 million records are leaked as a proof-of-concept sample by people behind the hack.

“The four leaked files contain information about the LinkedIn users whose data has been allegedly scraped by the threat actor, including their full names, email addresses, phone numbers, workplace information, and more,” the report claimed.

The leaked information includes LinkedIn IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, genders, links to LinkedIn profiles, links to other social media profiles, professional titles, and other work-related data.

Earlier this month, personal data of nearly 533 million (53.3 crores) Facebook users, including 61 lakh Indians, emerged online after a hacker posted the details on a digital forum.

The leaked data included Facebook ID numbers, profile names, email addresses, location information, gender details, job data, and other details.


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