Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal 2020

Kathmandu, 30 December 2019

This Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal is a platform for agile enthusiasts across the globe to share, learn as well as explore exciting opportunities in a fun and engaging way to help themselves and their organizations to create a collaborative and creative work environment.

Asia happens to be one of the emerging prospects in creating the buzz – enough to shake the ICT. With Nepal turned into a global village, all eyes have been stuck in the Asian market for the giant stride; it has taken to take the world market by storm.

Nepal, for its various cultures, mountains has been an eye-candy for the worldwide market for its prowess as an exciting possibility of Tourism and Culture. Besides these factors, Nepal has been compliant with the growth in the global industry of ICT. This part of the ICT world is now competitive enough to meet global requirements. It’s the right time that we change the impression of the Cheap labor workforce to Quality human resources and quality products. Agile guarantees quality. This meticulous quality control enables business agility.

This September, join us for a world-class inspirational Scrum conference in the capital city of Nepal. Listen as well as learn from the experiences of both local and international Agile practitioners. The event provides an opportunity to gain knowledge through workshops and presentations that cater to various levels, from beginners, through intermediate, and on to the expert.

Event Details:
Organizer: Agile Nepal Community
Date: Sep 5, 2020 – Sep 6, 2020
Venue: Chaksibari Marg, 16, Kathmandu, Nepal
Time: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Email:[email protected]


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