Amrit Science Campus Announced ASCOL CSIT Expo – 2016

It’s a great pleasure to inform you that ASCOL CSIT EXPO-2016 is going to be celebrated on 23rd September 2016 (7th Ashwin, 2073) at Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL). Besides, this one-day event is also targeted to provide substantial knowledge about the use of information technology in transforming general society into a technology-driven society. Not only this, but the game would also provide a platform for interaction and healthy competition among the creative minds in “Computer Science and Information Technology” field and “Innovation.”

This event can also be taken as a wholesome opportunity for the CSIT colleges to influence the upcoming fresher’s being ready to get enrolled in CSIT by providing necessary information about the course and introducing the learning environment of respective CSIT Colleges. So they are encouraging every student and all participants, in general, to come up with ideas and innovations so that the knowledge gained through this expo can be used by students in their daily lives like for the development of applications, smart plans, and schemes, smartphone apps, online services, etc. For this reason, they are highlighting, the hardware and software demonstrations, exhibition, seminars, paper presentations, talk programs, gaming, and other goal-oriented competitions.

AMRIT SCIENCE CAMPUS (ASCOL) is one of the Topmost and Unique Science Campus of the Nation, i.e., Nepal. It is situated in the heart of Kathmandu Valley at Lainchaour nearby Thamel or just opposite to NIST Campus. It is semi-autonomous institution under the Institute of Science and Technology with the partial decentralization and affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It offers courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Statistics, Computer Science, Environment Science and Microbiology at different levels. At present all together nearly 2,000 students are studying at different levels.

BSC.CSIT (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology) is one of the major and most globally demanded programs conducted by Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL).  So, it is performing this program time and again to stimulate the interest of higher secondary level students in the field of Technology. Last time, in 2012 and 2013, the CSIT Department of Amrit Campus and Open Source ASCOL Circle (OSAC) collaboratively organized the ASCOL Open Expo. The similar trend is also being followed this year as well.

The main objectives of this ASCOL CSIT EXPO 2016 are:

  1. To provide a platform for interaction and healthy competition among the creative minds in “Computer Science and Information Technology” Field and “Innovation.”
  2. To help students trying to enroll in bachelor’s in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSC.CSIT) to select appropriate institutions.
  3. To develop professionalism, team spirit, integrity and communication skills among the students of different Technical Colleges
  4. To provide a nationwide exposure to the young CSIT talent of our nation
  5. To boost confidence in the CSIT students in tackling the real-life problem.

 This event comprises of both competitive and non-competitive events, which are listed below as:

  1. Theme-based:

Software, Application (Software) Presentation, Video/Photo competition, Web page designing competition, a coding competition

  1. Informal events

Paper presentation, gaming competition, photography competition, talk programs, workshops, entertainment, career counseling, and GB exchange

The ASCOL CSIT EXPO 2016 committee has also made arrangements for some additional benefits for the sponsors. By their categories, they are providing the following sponsors: Title Sponsor (NRS 50,000), Co-sponsors (NRS 30,000) and Event Sponsors (NRS 15,000)

For this program, all students, company, academic institution, colleges, group and IT enthusiast along with IT lovers are invited. So come and make this program successful. It is just the beginning of the next step in the IT sector. Your participation is highly praised. Thank You.