Ananda Raj Khanal, Senior Director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has been appointed as the member of Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) –a part of Internet Governance Forum (IGF). IGF makes a policy discussion regarding the use of the Internet.

The Chief Secretary of United Nations (UN) António Guterres appointed Khanal as a member of MAG for the year of 2019. IGF is an information technology body of UN.

IGF discusses the issue related to internet technology, business and social administrative development with the stakeholders and provides advice to the chief secretary of UN.

Khanal is the first Nepali appointed as a member in the IGF’s Multi-Stakeholder Group (MAG).

By being based on geographical and regional representation from around the world the member of MAG is appointed.

MAG discusses on cyber and internet space with NGOs and INGOs and contributes on the policy building.


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