Android Forum In Nepal

We live in the most advanced era of technology and so many accomplishment have been done in the recent few years that we are overwhelmed by the technology itself. With this people are looking forward to be a part of it and not just as the consumer but manufacturers, developers and also designers. However its not just possible by wanting something. There is certain process we need to follow. Certain guidelines we need to take care of. And with the emerging technology we have learnt that before working on something we need to know about things in a proper manner. We need to be practical and experiment with things that we are interested in. That’s the most important part of learning. But there are so many problems with experiments that people are afraid of trying them. This is because of the lack of encouragement and lack of sharing with people with similar interest.A forum which deals with the guidelines, discussion of problems people have come through can be a good initiation for someone to start experiments. As we know android has become a part of our daily life. So much so even kids have started carrying them and there’s a saying if you don’t have a android you don’t have a android which means that without a android phone with you, you wont be able to experience the freedom with the technology through smartphone. The technology that have been constantly updated in the smartphone is what makes the users and fans go wild about it. So this forum fills the void for sharing knowledge, discussion, tutorials, sharing the finding and experiments among the tech enthusiast who are interested in android. There are lots and lots of things to do with an android with you. How much normal people make use of android in their daily is just 50% of what we can do with it. Have you ever wanted to get full control of the android that you have been using. Well then you can be part of this forum and you will get to know things that you have always wanted to do. Things which intimidate you when others do it. What if you will be able to able to just switch the boot animations of the phone into any other animations? Its cool right but its just the beginning. This forum will focus on what user are trying to experiment with, what they really want and how they have tried it. Everything from failures to the success of any task done. It will feature each and every discussions on the topic and will have hot topics whose threads are never ending and will be kept for the purpose of other who want to learn from the failures, success in the discussions.
General topics for discussion:
Android TV
Android watch
Android smartphone
The forum will also feature news about phones according to their branding. As we have many companies that have been manufacturing smartphones with android powering it, there are times when things differ according to the manufacturers which might be a problem during experiments like rooting or changing a ROM. To solve this there will be discussions on different manufacturers of the phone as well.
We have already discussed what we are going to have in the forum but there are other things as well which are core components of the forum.
Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.
Users of the forum might post questions if they ever come to some problems. There will be other users from forum who are going to be a help or someone from the forum team will also be there to help. The forum will feature news about new things emerging in technology basically focusing on android. As we know android not just features in the smartwatch but also in the tables and other stuffs so the need of such kinds of forum has gone to a new level. There kinds of forum will motivate people to try new things, learn new things and help those who are having some problems. There will be discussions about the android watch, tablets, smartphones, ROM(read only memory) and etc. Users will be able to comment on a thread of discussion, comment on the discussion, ask questions and further more. The Registration is easy and completely free. The main purpose for the android forum is to provide support for android users.
However users have to abide by some rules to be a part of this forum. You need to agree to the actions taken by the forum administrator incase you misuse you account. Remember, this is platform to learn and share.
 Some basic rules that users need to follow are:
Users will have to be gentle during their discussion. they should know that the forum is to help them and solve their queries. Passing negative comments wont be entertained.
 Anything related to Adult content, voilent stuff wont be entertained and would result in the ban of users or prosecution.
Age is not a problem. Therefore taking care in the language is a must.
Link that lead to advertisements wont be entertained. basically anything relating to advertisement will ban the users.
Multiple account for the same user is discouraged.
Using images according to the code of conduct is a must.
When users need to solve their queries, first they need to be updated with if the queries have been solved before in the forum.  Queries on the same topic is discouraged.
Users are discouraged to post any queries that doesn’t relate to the topic or forum itself.
There are other general rules as well which users will have to follow to be a part of this forum. The important thing about it is one must know how to utilize the information properly.  If utilized properly this forum will be helpful to many. This could lead to a high growth of people in the technology field which would lead to innovations as well.