Now, every month security update in Android Phones

Samsung, LG, and Google have announced that they will provide security update in Android Operating System every month.

Last July, a very dangerous bug was found on android software because of which billions of smartphones became the victims of hacking.

Different types of Android Operating are in use so to remove all these kinds of arising issues; recently nothing has been done.

The “stagefright” named bug is found recently and to remove this obstacle Android is working on this. Through this bug, hackers can send normal information videos to the users and can enter to phone’s data.

Security Engineer Adian Ludwig said in “block heat” named Hacking Conference that the software which has been introduced lately is the most powerful software up to date.

During the conference, Samsung, LG, and Google have promised that they will provide security update every month in their mobile phones.

Android is such an open-source operating system which phone directors can use it in free.

Though Android will be providing security update time to time, Phone directors are not making updates available in their mobile phones timely. The phones which have old android versions don’t have updates. Some companies use modified Android versions and add new software in Android because of which also fixing security is difficult.

Apple and Blackberry produce their device software and hardware themselves so, security problems are solved very fast. They provide security updates to their users timely.