It is sure that IPhone mobile are more expensive than any android mobile. But it does not matter that expensive mobile have good feature than the other mobile. There are many features of Android which overcomes the feature of IPhone which you would learn on this article.

App install through web

Android users can easily download apps from web without going to a mobile to install app. For this, users need to have Google account login. Icloud being in IOS, save the contact, photo, video etc.

Battery Saver

In an android mobile, whenever charge is reduced to 15 or 5 % then it automatically turn on the power saver option. It will automatically save the power for being lost again.

Do not Disturb

It can only use at a single time i.e. from day to night, but for time to time Do Not Disturb users there is an option called DND Mode. This is more useful during meeting at home, at work or any other seminar places.

Cash Clear of App

There is also an easy feature to stop unused or not currently needed app with the help of cash clear of app. so it’s very easy in android as compared to IPhone where you have to download or install app but in android you need not have to trouble so.

Clear App

It is more useful to stop unwanted app at a time with clear app option. These are few of most important android features which make android devices better than IPhone.