What are we reading this? Apple, and that also bringing an Android app? Yes! You hear right, Apple is bringing an Android App.
I Phone producer company Apple has brought its first ever Android app in its history. The app which was launched last week by Apple. This Android App has made most of the android mobile users unhappy. Did Apple copy its first Android App ? Apple wants to bring more of it’s own apps to Android.
This app was launched then, when new iPhone was launched. Apple has launched this Android App especially for those Android mobile users who are leaving using their Android Phone and are about to buy and use the new iPhone.
If you are using Android Phone and you are about to buy the mobile phone which Apple’s iOS operating system then it will be very much easier for you through this app. Because, with the help of this app you can move all the pictures, videos, messages, bookmark, calendar and any other folders from your Android Mobile phone to your iPhone.
Move to iOS named this app is available in Google’s Playstore and can be downloaded by anyone freely.
In the another side, the fans of Android are thinking that why this App has been added in the Play-store by google and what is the use of keeping it, it will only create blunder and Android can face loss. And they have raised this type of question.
Always remember, Internet Giant Google’s Operating System Android has always been having the first place in world’s market and in the world of smartphone as well. In world, among the most popular smartphone 80% of the people use the mobile phone with Android Operating System. Only 14% of smartphone have Apple’s iOS operating system.