We are all addicted to that electronic piece that sits in our pocket. Either it is in our dining table or bed always making us aware of its presence with its notifications. But in the process, we don’t give ourselves the time we need.
However, it doesn’t mean you have to be entirely away from it. There are some apps in the Apple store and play store, that will help you ease the pain, i.e., they won’t let you get distracted all the time so that you can reward yourself with some time.
Instead of manipulating an individual feature or two, Flipd entirely takes over your smartphone. It also helps you get connect easily to the people by keeping a record of essential contacts and making picking up easy. You can also have control of another phone, i.e., maybe your friend or family member so that you can lock their phone when they get distracted a lot. It is available in android for now. It is coming soon for the ios.
Its that App which lets you know how much time you have spent using your phone, how many times have you used it. It keeps all the record so that you can see if you have reached your goal or not. It also keeps track of how much time you spend staring at your phone and how many time have you picked it so that you can put an alert message if the number of time you wanted has exceeded. The alert can be so frustrating that you will find using your phone a tedious job.
AppDetox helps you maintain time table for using your phone and other Apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It controls your daily usage. It lets you make setting like how many times you can use an app, how much time you can sink into it. Therefore it is a more flexible app.
However, in your study time, it doesn’t let you use your phone.
This App lets you choose what you want to do and what you don’t want. Like you might not want to be disturbed by some App, and you might want to be notified with some. It helps you even to block contacts which may be decreasing your productively.