Are you in Silicon Valley ? Interested in civic technology or helping people in Nepal ?

Prashish is organizing the first Code for Nepal Meetup on Thursday. Code for Nepal (Bay Area Silicon Valley) is a community to bring together civic-minded enthusiasts to get involved in building technology to address the needs of the country. The focus of the group will be to create a warm open community in the bay area for volunteers to collaborate and engage in pushing forward digital technology in Nepal. This is the first community meetup where Code for Nepal will have an informal discussion about Code for Nepal, it’s activities and how you can lead or participate. They will also create a road map for the chapter and assign roles and responsibilities to all the volunteers. If you are still unsure but want to learn & participate, please join us.
The event location is near the Menlo Park Caltrain station (10 minutes by car). Prashish can pick up guests from the station at around 6-6:15 pm. Please shoot a message for Prashish.

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